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Welcome to the Royal Sunset Beach Club web site. The aim of this site is to provide a medium through which members of the club may communicate with their elected committee members and each other.

We aim to keep you informed of any news or developments concerning the Club as well as giving you the opportunity to offer weeks for sale, rent, purchase or exchange. This facility uses bulletin boards. We advise that you read our help page before using the bulletin boards.

It would be really helpful to be able to contact interested members from time to time. Therefore, unless you have already done so, please fill in the form to join the mailing list before proceeding. Your details are available only to the members committee and once submitted are not accessible to any other visitors to this site.

Important note: Please read the disclaimer before using this site.


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A company called "Resort Servie Care" are contacting our members claiming
to be associated with "Diamond Resorts". These people are "NOT" associated
to "ANY" Management Company and the call is a "SCAM " to get unsuspecting members to part with 300 - 500!

RSBC Committee.


A new "Fresh and Pure" water machine has been installed opposite the "First Aid Room", it saves our guests carrying water bottles back from the supermarkets. Our machine prices are considerably cheaper than the local supermarkets per litre and all you need is a water bottle. We hope everyone takes advantage of this "great idea" and members/guests will certainly benefit from it.


We have freshened up the entertainment team for this summer. Many of you will remember Alan and we are delighted that he has returned to head up our team comprising himself, Claire and Lianne.


TATOC, the Timeshare Association, exists to safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience of users and be the voice of owners. It is a consumer association run by timeshare owners for timeshare owners. Our resort is proud to be a member of TATOC and supports its activities including the consumer helpline, resort accreditation programme and Code of Conduct. To find out more about TATOC click here.


As of February this year Harry Taylor was appointed chairman of the committee replacing David Gillam who still remains as an elected member.


A pdf download of the latest holiday planning calendar is available

Click here to download the latest holiday planner



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To view the information you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is available as a small, free download from Adobe.



Welcome to the 5th edition of the Royal Sunset Beach Club newsletter. 

Royal Sunset Beach Club Newsletter March 2010

Royal Sunset Beach Club Newsletter 2009

Royal Sunset Beach Club Newsletter 2008

To view the newsletter you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is available as a small, free download from Adobe.


RSBC - Resort Update from Anne Bennet - April 2010


RSBC “Reception Toilets” have been totally refurbished at the end of 2009.


What a difference! Our “In-house” Maintenance Team can be proud of these fantastic results. Well done to everyone concerned!



A New Service for Scandinavian members

We are pleased to advise that from 31st October we are now able service the following languages from the Interval International Helsinki office.

Finnish +35 894 353 2218
Swedish +46 851 761810
Norway +47 223 10617


A Map of the Resort has been added to the Resort Info page.

The Resort Restaurant Menu

Click here for the MENU

The restaurant offers a 45€ 3 day Half Board option to all members/guests. One meal certainly not to be missed is the BBQ every Sunday evening (priced at around 12€) in the pool bar area. This is run in conjunction with the movie night. Full Movie/BBQ Night details will be given out at the Saturday "Welcome Meeting".

NOTE -  A "Green Banana Card" is available from reception which gives members discount in lots of restaurants and bars and on activities in the resort.

For more information visit or download the Green Banana Guide for Tenerife PDF by clicking here.


Important Note from Ruth McGowan at Royal Sunset Beach Club

If you are letting your weeks or gifting them to a friend or relative it is most important that reception have the correct name and address before arrival day or they will be unable to do the check in.

All checks ins are now done live so if the information is not correct it may not be possible to check in at all or if it is possible then only after lengthy delays.

Please help reception to do their job efficiently by making sure this information is passed on prior to arrival.

Many Thanks